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They continue to punch above their weight in helping us exceed our coverage expectations. Indeed, we consider that their work has been a significant factor in Winchester exceeding visitor targets against a general backdrop of negative growth visitor numbers across the County. At the same time King Alf’s popular events and news-based Twitter tweets continue to capture the attention of residents, journalists, travel bloggers and stakeholders and his Facebook presence is well established and has built up a cult following of its own.

Winchester City Council

Pressure Chamber

  • Twitter launches a new profile design – here’s what you need to know [Free .PSD Template]

    This week Twitter announced a major redesign of its profiles. The new layout focuses on visual content and making the best content you post more visually appealing. If you set up a new profile you will have access to this immediately – otherwise the rest of us have to wait for the new features to

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  • Is it time to say goodbye to storytelling?

    Once upon a time, there were three little pigs that lived with their parents. When they were eventually kicked out, the first pig built himself a house made of straw because he was lazy and it was the easiest thing to build. The second pig built his house out of sticks as he thought they

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  • Know Thy Enemy?

    The untimely death of the formidable Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union, has prompted a raft of “tributes” from his sworn enemies, the right wing media. Now that Mr Crow is no more, his detractors have gone all misty eyed, acknowledging his unswerving commitment to his members’ interests and the rights of the working

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  • LinkedIn as a publishing platform

    Last month, LinkedIn opened a limited version of its publishing platform, which was previously only for the select few “LinkedIn Influencers” they feature, to “the rest of us.” (See more on the subject from Reed Albergotti at The Wall Street Journal.) That may leave you wondering what opportunities might exist for you, your clients, or expects at your

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  • Top 20 HR people to follow on Twitter

    // The function may have taken a battering in the press in recent months, with some still playfully referring to it as ‘Human Remains’ – but there is no doubt that workplace and personnel issues are now firmly rooted in the national news agenda, and the collective voice of the HR community online is growing

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  • New Private Bank completes investment agreement with Hampden


  • Flagship Consulting sizes up the UK’s top visitor attractions on social media



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