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They continue to punch above their weight in helping us exceed our coverage expectations. Indeed, we consider that their work has been a significant factor in Winchester exceeding visitor targets against a general backdrop of negative growth visitor numbers across the County. At the same time King Alf’s popular events and news-based Twitter tweets continue to capture the attention of residents, journalists, travel bloggers and stakeholders and his Facebook presence is well established and has built up a cult following of its own.

Winchester City Council

Pressure Chamber

  • The Five Best International Marketing Campaigns

    1. The Old Spice Guy Plenty of people can remember when Old Spice was an ‘Old Man’ scent. Now it’s one of the top-selling brands among teens and young men worldwide. How did this happen? Through brilliant marketing. Procter & Gamble made a steady effort to improve Old Spice’s image throughout the nineties, but things

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  • Flagship’s Favourite April Fools Stunts Ever

    Richard Branson Trolls London On 1st April 1989, thousands of commuters were astonished to see a flying saucer rapidly descending upon London. People got out of their cars to watch as the UFO made a landing in a suburban field. Demonstrating a distinctly NIMBYish attitude to extra-terrestrials, local residents phoned the Metropolitan Police, who had

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  • How To Avoid ‘Death By PowerPoint’

    We all know the routine. Walk into the conference room, clock the screen, the projector, the speaker struggling to load up their PowerPoint – and ruefully bid farewell to an hour of your life. PowerPoint has sounded the death knell of the presentation. Or has it? Believe it or not, PowerPoint can actually be a

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  • Sound Bites & Viral Marketing Rules The World – It Has Ever Been Thus

    Sound bites and viral marketing don’t exactly fill anyone with a warm sense of nostalgia. Indeed, for a lot of people they’re a symptom of decreasing attention spans and a loss of societal integrity. Don’t be fooled by your rosy-tinted specs, however. Sound bites and viral posts (heinous heralds of superficial modernity though they seem)

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  • Next New Year Resolutions – Using 2016 To Prepare For 2017

    In an industry like PR, being two steps ahead of the crowd is the only way to stay ahead. So forget 2016 – it’s time to start concentrating on 2017! Here’s what next year (potentially) has in store for us: 3D Printing OK, so everyone’s been predicting the imminent ‘breakout’ of 3D printing for years

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  • Emerging Executives More Likely Than Their Elders To Trust Brands As Publishers

    Emerging Executives More Likely Than Their Elders To Trust Brands As Publishers


  • Flagship Consulting Appointed by ABTA to Enhance Earlybird Campaign

    Flagship Consulting Appointed by ABTA to Enhance Earlybird Campaign


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  • Jackie Murphy

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    Jackie excels in issue management PR, problem solving and making a real difference to clients’ bottom line performance. Whether it’s corporate work or crisis PR,…

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    Diana specialises in corporate and financial services PR, crisis PR and workplace communications. Her strength lies in the quality of her strategic thinking; her ability to ensure the…

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    To stand out in a world where your audience is inundated with messages, being 5% better than the rest doesn’t help you – you need to be…

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    Courtney Ellul  has fifteen years of experience helping companies increase visibility and brand awareness through targeted marketing,  corporate communications and public…

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    Sophy is Flagship’s go-to consumer PR expert. A self-confessed social media junkie and active Tweeter, Sophy is always at first with the news and insight on consumer…

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