Flagship Consulting is an award-winning
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In the six years we have worked with Flagship, they have been a seamless extension of our marketing team. They constantly come up with fresh and innovative ideas on how to position the company and its services and, most importantly, they know how to drive business results through strategic communications.


Pressure Chamber

  • Peter Oborne & The Impartiality Paradox

    Peter Oborne’s very noisy exit from the Daily Telegraph was dramatic but also inconsequential. His accusations, though serious and justified, were merely highlighting a truism; that newspapers’ commercial priorities can, in some instances, compromise their editorial integrity. So I expect most of us agreed with Oborne’s principled stance and then shrugged our shoulders. Why? Because

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  • This Advert Can

    This Advert Can Sport England’s latest campaign; ‘This Girl Can’; is a revelation. Now I know I’m probably a little behind in talking about this (since it went live last month) but I feel it’s definitely something that should still be talked about. Aimed at women who may feel daunted by the prospect of exercising

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  • B2B content marketing is broken, here’s how to make it work

    The Economist Group Content Solutions in association with Peppercomm and its partner Flagship Consulting have conducted some fascinating research with regards to the current state of B2B content marketing. We spoke with 500 leading business executives across the world, and 500 of the leading marketers tasked with reaching them, to get a clearer picture on

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  • B2B Global Content Survey [Infographic]

    We surveyed 500 global business executives about what they are looking for from content providers and 500 global marketers about how they are building their content strategy. The study was conducted by The Economist Group Content Solutions in association with, communications firm Peppercomm and its partner Flagship Consulting. The survey found that: 1. Global business

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  • Marketing in a digital world [Part 2]

    The business case for social media: how to communicate with, and sell to, your customers The first article in this two-part series explored how social and digital media have changed the ways in which brands communicate with their customers. This second part will appraise the business case for using social media. HOW SHOULD BUSINESSES COMMUNICATE

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press releases

  • Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards

    Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards


  • Flagship expands senior team


team profiles

  • Jackie Murphy

    …That is quite logical captain

    Jackie excels in issue management PR, problem solving and making a real difference to clients’ bottom line performance. Whether it’s corporate work or crisis PR,…

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  • Diana Soltmann

    …Strategy Queen

    Diana specialises in corporate and financial services PR, crisis PR and workplace communications. Her strength lies in the quality of her strategic thinking; her ability to ensure the…

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  • Mark Pinnes

    …Do something extraordinary

    To stand out in a world where your audience is inundated with messages, being 5% better than the rest doesn’t help you – you need to be…

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  • Courtney Ellul

    …You’ve got to be in it to win it

    Courtney Ellul  has fifteen years of experience helping companies increase visibility and brand awareness through targeted marketing,  corporate communications and public…

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  • Sophy Norris

    …Creativity Junction

    Sophy is Flagship’s go-to consumer PR expert. A self-confessed social media junkie and active Tweeter, Sophy is always at first with the news and insight on consumer…

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