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Flagship continues to produce great work to tight deadlines and gets it published in all of our pre-agreed targeted areas. I couldn’t be happier with our selection of Flagship Consulting as the winner in a tightly fought, highly competitive environment against many other top quality PR agencies. Your consultative approach and your wise counsel have helped steer us through times where everyone has an opinion but very few have anything important to say.


Pressure Chamber

  • Sweaty-gate & PR case study fakery

    Last week the PR Twittersphere was full of the story about the PR firm that had misrepresented a case study provided to the media, as they had not declared that the person featured was an employee of the firm, but had instead been given a pseudonym. In the same week, the Department of Work and

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  • The multi-generational workplace: how prepared are you?

    The modern workplace is undergoing a wealth of change. Not only are millennials set to make up a staggering 50% of the 2020 workforce , the amount of ‘economically active’ baby boomers is expected to rise to a third by 2030. Among these two significant shifts, organisations must consider Generation X, which maintains a strong

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  • Love it or loathe it, the brand police are here to stay

    Hearing about the 500m Heineken ‘exclusion zones’ around rugby world cup venues got us wondering whether the commercialisation of public events has gone too far. The brewer has not only secured exclusivity rights over the drinks sold at the tournament venues but has also nabbed all marketing rights within a 500-metre radius of the grounds.

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  • Financial scams…is the message getting through?

    The financial services industry is being hit hard with stories of scammers taking advantage of the gullible consumer from pension liberation fraudsters to PPI ambulance chasers. The industry is trying to fight back, and one of the main weapons in the war against fraudsters is making sure that consumers are informed, know what to look

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  • Business Travel Marketing Infographic

    We surveyed 500 global executives about what they are looking for from content providers and 500 B2B marketers about how they are building their content strategy.  The findings reveal a significant disconnect between what people are sending and what people want to receive.  Content should be about usefulness not selling and all too many content

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press releases

  • Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards

    Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards


  • Flagship expands senior team


team profiles

  • Jackie Murphy

    …That is quite logical captain

    Jackie excels in issue management PR, problem solving and making a real difference to clients’ bottom line performance. Whether it’s corporate work or crisis PR,…

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  • Diana Soltmann

    …Strategy Queen

    Diana specialises in corporate and financial services PR, crisis PR and workplace communications. Her strength lies in the quality of her strategic thinking; her ability to ensure the…

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  • Mark Pinnes

    …Do something extraordinary

    To stand out in a world where your audience is inundated with messages, being 5% better than the rest doesn’t help you – you need to be…

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  • Courtney Ellul

    …You’ve got to be in it to win it

    Courtney Ellul  has fifteen years of experience helping companies increase visibility and brand awareness through targeted marketing,  corporate communications and public…

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  • Sophy Norris

    …Creativity Junction

    Sophy is Flagship’s go-to consumer PR expert. A self-confessed social media junkie and active Tweeter, Sophy is always at first with the news and insight on consumer…

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