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Flagship knows how to reach audiences in a way that’s compelling, relevant and reflects the very best of current creative thinking.. The agency combines the business insight you expect from a corporate brand agency, with a creative spark more commonly found in the consumer arena. This approach has redefined how we communicate as a company.

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  • Six Marketing Trends To Watch In 2016

    “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant”. So (allegedly) mused Mitch Kapor, who was there at the birth of the Internet (and is no doubt rather bemused by what it has become). The challenge for PR people in 2016 will be to take that deluge and turn it

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  • Why Are Nine In Ten Marketers Undermining Customer Trust?

    ‘Owned’ content is the new marketing must-have, with savvy brands clamouring to develop the best blogs, newsletters, social followings and videos to reach their target audiences. But a study from The Economist Group in association with Flagship Consulting has shown that nine in ten marketers are actually missing the mark; using their content as a sales

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  • The Rise of User Generated Content

    The ‘rules of engagement’ between buyers and sellers have changed dramatically in recent years.  It used to be a straightforward two party exercise: the seller telling (via advertising) a potential buyer about a product or service, with the latter choosing, or not, to agree with the former’s claims.  Now, thanks to the social media revolution,

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  • Five Exercises To Keep You Creatively Fit

    We PR people like to think of ourselves as wildly creative melting pots, brimming over with new ideas guaranteed to stand out and make their mark. Unfortunately, there are always days when the brain feels less like a melting pot and more like a stagnant pothole – hardly great for business. Rather than slamming your

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  • How To Get Ahead In PR And Make A Difference

    It’s creative, it’s varied, and it has a reputation for glamour – little wonder that the PR industry draws in hordes of eager young graduates each year. However, if you think it’s going to be all blue-sky thinking and cheek-kissing, think again. This world is as competitive as it is alluring. As such, our message

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  • Flagship Consulting Appointed by ABTA to Enhance Earlybird Campaign

    Flagship Consulting Appointed by ABTA to Enhance Earlybird Campaign


  • Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards

    Double Nomination for Team Flagship in 2015 Travel Marketing Awards


team profiles

  • Jackie Murphy

    …That is quite logical captain

    Jackie excels in issue management PR, problem solving and making a real difference to clients’ bottom line performance. Whether it’s corporate work or crisis PR,…

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  • Diana Soltmann

    …Strategy Queen

    Diana specialises in corporate and financial services PR, crisis PR and workplace communications. Her strength lies in the quality of her strategic thinking; her ability to ensure the…

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  • Mark Pinnes

    …Do something extraordinary

    To stand out in a world where your audience is inundated with messages, being 5% better than the rest doesn’t help you – you need to be…

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  • Courtney Ellul

    …You’ve got to be in it to win it

    Courtney Ellul  has fifteen years of experience helping companies increase visibility and brand awareness through targeted marketing,  corporate communications and public…

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  • Sophy Norris

    …Creativity Junction

    Sophy is Flagship’s go-to consumer PR expert. A self-confessed social media junkie and active Tweeter, Sophy is always at first with the news and insight on consumer…

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